Sanitation Workers For Jesus! East Texas boy, sanitation worker develop heartwarming relationship.

Kutter, left, with Larry Collins, his hero and trashman.
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HOOKS, Texas (KSLA) – Growing up, children often aspire to be first responders, astronauts, doctors or pilots. For 5-year-old Kutter Fisher, his superhero can found wearing a neon vest and riding in a Waste Management trash truck.

Yes, Kutter aspires to be a sanitation worker and his hero, Larry Collins, makes a stop at his house weekly. “Every week when he sees Kutter, he is just so kind and loving. That means so much to me,” said Emily Fisher, Kutter’s mom. “There really aren’t a whole lot of words.”

It’s hard to describe just how passionate Kutter is about trash trucks. Fisher sayshe often watches videos of them on YouTube. Kutter even will change into his favorite trash truck PJs each day and he has maintained a collection of toy trash trucks.

“They are just so cool,” Kutter will tell you.

Every Wednesday, Larry Collins and his Waste Management crew roll down Kutter’s street with anticipation, knowing who’s waiting at the end of the driveway of one of their favorite stops.

“What a joy it is to see his face light up when they start honking for him,” Fisher said.

For over a year, Kutter would meet his neon-clad crew as they picked up his family’s trash, with as many toy trucks in his arms as he could carry

Collins and his team understood how much they meant to Kutter.

“He [Larry] learned Kutter’s name the very first time he came to us, but he goes above and beyond,” Emily explained in an email. “It’s so easy to be kind and loving to our neighbors. It’s inspired me to be better.” Unfortunately, the number of trash stops for Collins at Kutter’s house are numbered. He told Kutter and Fisher he would no longer be running their route, after the City of Hooks elected to use another company.

“Naturally, our son was heartbroken to hear the news,” Fisher wrote.

However, Collins and his team understood the significance of their relationship with Kutter, so they gave him an early birthday gift: $20 to purchase a new toy trash truck, which looks just like the vehicle Kutter’s heroes operate.

Collins’ gift to Kutter meant the world to Fisher.

“He is definitely someone to look up to, especially during this time when the country is so divided,” Fisher said. ”We can all love each other. He is doing the Lord’s work, I will say that he is doing what Jesus wants us to be.”

Kutter, left, with Collins signing his toy trash truck.


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