School Teachers are Sanitation Workers too

We spend over a decade listening to them.  They teach us everything from basic mathematics and reading skills to complex chemical equations and historical event. They not only explain the world around us but they also the champion of garbage and recycling. Teachers and paraprofessionals are garbage men too. Did you realize that a good portion of their work is teaching future generations how to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Teachers these days have to make the most of every supply they have and even manage to find creative ways of reusing old supplies in creative ways. School teachers use everything from bottle caps to teach basic principles from counting to making artistic creations out of toilet paper rolls. Their ability to salvage item that would normally be tossed out in every other household and use them as instruments of learning is awe-inspiring.

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Local Recycling Resources - Call toll free (888) 413-5105 for a free quote on recycling dumpster rentals, roll off dumpster rentals, and commercial dumpsters in your area.Want to help start teaching someone else about recycling?Recycle America has some links that can help those interested in talking to students, family members, or even city council chairmen about the benefits of recycling.

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You may not even realize it but while they are recycling, they are teaching the next generation to recycle as well. Teachers are the pinnacle of educating youth to save our resources and selectively throw things away. From the classroom to homework, teachers are on the front lines of ensuring the importance of keeping our planet from becoming one big landfill. What teachers do in the classrooms spills over to their students at home; one teacher showing their classroom of eager learners the importance of repurposing items helps the community and the world as a whole. So when you send your kids off to school, rest assure that their teachers are the superstar role models of the garbage man world and they are educating our future to be just as conscious.