#SomethingGood: Boy, 4, Makes Friends With Garbage Crew

Republic Services crew rewarded Joey Wasserman’s love with his own ‘mini’ uniform.

Sometimes it is the most mundane of activities that provide the most entertainment – that could be said for Joey Wasserman, 4, of North Richland Hills.

Twice a week little Joey lights up – and dresses up – in anticipation of his favorite city service – trash collection.

“I think that ‘garbage man’ can be a thankless job, in a way, but they are so important to our community,” said mother Jennifer Wasserman.

Wasserman’s son Joey is such a big fan of his “garbage men,” and they are so appreciative of his attention that they provided him his own miniature version of their Republic Services uniform, complete with shirt, hat and gloves.

“He gets dressed and looks just like them on his daily route, Joey’s route, on Tuesdays and Fridays,” Jennifer Wasserman said.

According to the mother, her son’s appreciation for sanitation services started at the nearby home of his childcare provider, Terri Lunsford.

“I would take [all of the kids I watch outside] and some of them were scared, and some weren’t. And then there was Joseph,” Lunsford said with a smile. “Joseph took it to a whole new level.”

NBC DFW was there on a recent day when the regular Republic Services crew, Damian, Keanu and Raymond, turned onto Joey’s street.

The men’s faces lit up almost as much as the child’s.

Damian eagerly stepped down from the trash truck and approached his mini fan.

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“What’s up, Joseph? How y’all doing today,” Damian asked, his face beaming.

Before he could answer, Joseph went right to work, carrying two plastic grocery bags filled with trash and tossed them right into the back of the truck.

After the Wasserman family handed over bottles of cold ice water to the crew, the men repaid the favor by allowing Joey to operate the truck, pulling and pushing levers to crush the trash in the back of the vehicle.

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A series of high fives followed as the men mounted their giant blue truck, its air horn honking loudly as it drove off, ending their brief and wonderful encounter.

“People take things for granted all the time,” said Lunsford. “When you’re bringing up small children, raising small children, you want to teach them that you don’t take things for granted and that there are things in our everyday life that make our lives better. And these guys definitely did that for him.”

“I hope people see the innocent love that he has for these men,” said Jennifer Wasserman. “When they leave he yells out, ‘I love you! You’re my best buddies!’ And they love him right back.”