Even Space Needs a Garbage Man – World Space Week

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Happy World Space Week

Next week is the official, United Nation’s declared, World Space Week. Every year during this week, the world comes together to celebrate space innovation and technological developments leading to a better society. Waste and Recycling Workers Week wants to remind you that the need for garbage collection is not just an Earthly problem!

Space Waste Solutions

Through partner initiatives like Space Waste Solutions, we are working to find innovative ways of dealing with trash, even in outer space! Every technological advance into space exploration has left a growing problem orbiting our planet. The need for the garbage man goes beyond our atmosphere.

The Problem of Orbiting Space Trash

Did you know that right now there are more than 750,000 pieces of space debris orbiting the Earth at over 15,000 mph? It’s true. The results of the space race along with government and private industry launches of countless satellites have produced a growing problem in need of innovative solutions. This space junk poses a threat to those on Earth, as it often falls back into the atmosphere containing toxic chemicals, as well as to current and future space missions due to the increasing potential for impacts with space craft.

Now is the Time for Action

What better time to harness our ingenuity and creativity to develop solutions for this expanding issue then now. As the world turns it’s eyes to the heavens this week, we must also start working towards solutions to keep them free and clean. Ideas and inventions like the Solar Space Waste Incineration System will mark a way forward but we have to start now.

Find an Event and Learn

Join Waste and Recycling Workers Week in celebrating World Space Week by finding an event near you. Also, check out these great resources for educators and parents to teach about World Space Week in the classroom and at home.

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