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America Recycles Day - The Recycle Guide - Waste and Recycling Workers Week

Happy America Recycles Day – November 15

It’s never too late to begin recycling in your local community. The Recycle Guide is packed with tons of information to get you started today!

Learn What to Recycle

Did you know that not everything can be recycled? While we wish everything could be reused or repurposed, there are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to recycling. Head over to The Recycle Guide’s recycling rules and etiquette page to learn everything you need to know.

Find out Where You Can Recycle

Do you know the difference in a landfill, sorting facility, and a dump? Knowing the right place to take your waste will help you stay consistent with recycling all year long. The Recycle Guide has easy to use resources to help you find the closest facility.

Free Learning Resources

If you’re a teacher looking for resources to help your students or a parent trying to teach your kids about recycling, The Recycle Guide has the best free resources and links. The How to Recycle section, Recycling in Schools, and Recycling Activities are perfect places to start.

Find more information about recycling and the role your garbage workers play in the process at The Recycle Guide and Waste and Recycling Workers Week!

Connect with The Recycle Guide on Facebook and find an America Recycles Day event near you! Visit americarecyclesday.org to view all locations.

The Recycle Guide - Waste and Recycling Workers Week

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