Stay Clean With Our Hand Wash Stations

Portable Sinks, also known as hand washing stations, are completely self-contained units that provide patrons with the ability to wash their hands when typical plumbing is not available. Portable Sinks can be used for a variety of applications including construction sites or special events.

One of the best things about our hand wash stations is that they are completely self-contained.  Everything you need will be right in front of you. Whether planning a carnival, marathon, private party or even a wedding reception your guests will appreciate knowing there is a safe place for them to properly wash and sanitize their hands.

Self-contained cleaning

All of our hand wash stations blend seamlessly into our various portable bathroom units, so no matter what you are ordering, they will fit the overall aesthetic.


Our hand wash stations are considered a luxury option due to their high quality, so contact us today and see what they look like for yourself!

A luxury sanitary station

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