SWANA Recognizes Waste and Recycling Workers Week, For The Vital Role These Individuals Play Day-To-Day, Maintaining The Cleanliness And Health Of Our Neighborhoods.

Waste and Recycling Workers Week

Show Your Appreciation and Celebrate Waste & Recycling Workers Week. On June 17th, join SWANA in recognizing your Garbage Collection Providers.

What is Waste and Recycling Workers Week?

For John D. Arwood, out of sight did not mean out of mind when it comes to garbage. To highlight the importance of waste management professionals, he proposed a national day of recognition for these hard working men and women.

June 17 is designated as Waste and Recycling Workers Week, to celebrate garbage truck drivers and collectors, recycling workers, landfill operators and attendants, sanitation workers, and anyone who performs the jobs that help keep our communities clean and safe.

Join SWANA in recognizing the vital role these individuals play day-to-day, maintaining the cleanliness and health of our neighborhoods.

What Can You Do?

Show Your Support

  • Greet your garbage collection providers on pick up day. Say, “Hi!” and thank them personally for their service
  • Spread the word about Waste and Recycling Workers Week
  • Like “Waste & Recycling Workers Week” on Facebook for fun photos to post to your wall
  • Post this information on your local community website and social media (Facebook group sites, Twitter, etc.)
  • Remind your family and neighbors of the people in our lives we don’t often see, who deserve thanks for a job well done
  • Call the offices of your local waste provider(s) to say, “Thank you” and share your appreciation for all the times employees do their job well
  • Contact local newspapers and government officials as well as your homeowners association, churches and teachers to encourage them to promote Waste and Recycling Workers Week

Offer a Token of Appreciation

  • Have children color a picture and post on your garbage bins. Download SWANA’s Custom Coloring Pages

NOTE: To minimize the amount of waste created, print coloring pages on office paper set aside to be recycled.

  • Offer baked treats or a cold bottle of water. A small gift card for coffee or a sandwich is GREAT ways to say, “Thanks!”
  • Give Them a Helping Hand!

  • Got a big pile after your spring cleaning efforts? Make sure your refuse is properly prepared so it’s easier and safer for collection workers to load
  • Join the Recycling Effort

  • Do your part in the recycling effort—consider ways to reduce, recycle and reuse the things being thrown in the garbage from your own home

Educate Your Family about This Vital Workforce

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