Team Waste secures Harrison County Trash Contract



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Harrison County residents are getting their first chance to ask questions about a big change to garbage collection. Starting October 1, Team Waste will begin collecting trash at homes serviced by the Harrison County Utility Authority.

More than a dozen customers showed up at the Woolmarket Community Center Monday night for a Q&A session on the transition from Waste Pro to Team Waste.

“We felt it was important to get out in the community and let them know why those changes occurred and give them the opportunity to ask questions,” said Harrison County Utility Authority Executive Director Donald Scharr.

Instead of the traditional twice a week trash collection, Team Waste will be emptying the trash bins now once a week.

“We don’t have anywhere just to dump things like that if we want to trim our trees. Put it in front of your house and we’ll pick it up once a week,” said one person who attended the meeting.

“I have no issue with it because it’s just two occupants in my house and we don’t create a lot of trash,” resident Bill Richard said. “I think the new service is an upgrade to what we currently have.”

Another change will be an upgrade from the traditional blue recycling bin to a bigger model.

“We thought that if we provided better equipment that was easier to handle, we felt that we would reduce the garbage and increase the recycling,” said Scharr.

However, there’s also a chance people may see a small increase in cost.

“The city sends out the bills, so they may have some additional charges on there that we’re not aware of,” said Scharr.

The Harrison County Utility Authority would like to remind people not to use the new trash bins until October 1.