Thank You for Supporting Waste and Recycling Workers Week 2018!

Proclamations were issued, thank you notes were written, parties were held and gifts were wrapped. From coast to coast, organizations and individuals came out to thank their sanitation workers and support personnel. Thank you to each and every one of you for joining us in celebrating Waste and Recycling Workers Week 2018.

It means so much when people take time out of their day to recognize the hardworking individuals who keep our communities clean and safe all year long. Here are just a few of the ways companies, communities and citizens celebrated and said thanks.

Arwood Waste of Jacksonville, FL

Arwood Waste thanked garbage collectors and support staff with a festive celebration featuring a Waste and Recycling Workers Week cake.

City of Syracuse, NY

Mayor Walsh of Syracuse, NY joined the Department of Public Works Sanitation team at 6 am to say thank you and experience the work first hand. He also shared a video on Facebook thanking the hardworking individuals in the waste industry who keep our communities beautiful and safe.

WASTEQUIP in Charlotte, NC

Wastequip demonstrated its support for garbage workers in honor of Waste and Recycling Workers Week with a celebration and youth education event at a Boys & Girls Club. Wastequip staff volunteered by reading, helping the kids write thank you notes to the garbage men and women, making recycled birdfeeders and talking about recycling, waste industry careers and safety skills.

GRANGER in Lansing, MI

GRANGER celebrated Waste and Recycling Workers Week by recognizing individual associates and encouraging their community to join the week long celebration by thanking their garbage collection workers.

“When customers see me outside of work in the community and take the time to say ‘hi!’ That’s my favorite part of my job, the people, the relationships.” – Tim Clark, GRANGER Driver

Residents of Springfield, Missouri

The community members of Springfield, Missouri took time to thank the garbage crews of Ozark Refuse with a variety of thank you notes and gifts.

GreenWaste Recovery of San Jose, CA

GreenWaste Recovery celebrated Waste and Recycling Workers Week with their Marina operation.

Residents of Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga residents said “Thank You” to their local sanitation workers with donuts, drinks and thank you notes.

GreenWaste of Palo Alto, CA

With pizza and a World Cup viewing party, GreenWaste Palo Alto thanked their drivers for their hard work.

City of Yukon, Oklahoma

The City of Yukon Oklahoma encouraged residents to celebrate Waste and Recycling Workers Week by thanking the hardworking employees who keep Yukon and the environment safe.

Mid Valley Disposal of Kerman, CA

Mid Valley Disposal recognized and thanked their entire team by hosting an employee picnic at Wild Water Adventures. What better way to say thanks than some fun in the summer sun!

Residents of Claremont, NH

Residents of Claremont, NH said thank you to their sanitation crews with an assortment of refreshments and sweet treats.

MarBorg Industries of Santa Barbara, CA

MarBorg Industries recognized their drivers who start their day before the sun comes up and their employees who work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly so drivers can serve the community safely, efficiently, and with smiles on their faces.

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