Thank you Johnny Jaws for all your support! This is a great product!

IMPROVING your company’s safety record – and your BOTTOM LINE!

HOW DOES JOHNNY JAWS WORK?  Johnny Jaws’ patented technology engages the rear-load containers at their strongest points, where the sides, front, top and trunnion all come together.  See picture below.  This area is stronger than the location  used in traditional dumping because it is closer to the weldment of the gussets, trunnion and walls.  Johnny Jaws also utilizes a greater area thanks to our Can Cushion Technology.

Thank you John Townsend and Rich Polinski for all your support! The picture displays Johnny Jaws founders sporting the Waste and Recycling Workers Week lanyard sticker in efforts to honor the men and women that keep our cities Safe and Clean.

​Credit, #WasteExpo #NGMD , volunteer S. Goode