The City of Fort Smith – Solid Waste Services Department  

Join us in thanking the incredible men and women of the City of Fort Smith Solid Waste Services during Waste and Recycling Workers Week! 🙌🎉
While we often see their hard work throughout our neighborhoods, collecting our waste and recycling, there is a whole other side of waste management working behind the scenes to ensure our community remains clean, safe, and sustainable. From those managing logistics and servicing our equipment to those maintaining our composting facilities and overseeing landfill operations, every role is essential in keeping Fort Smith a wonderful place to live. 💚👏
If you have a story, or simply want to send our workers a ‘thank you’, please click on the to leave a message. We would love to hear about their impact on how they contribute to making Fort Smith a great place to live. 🗣️💭
Help us spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family. Together, let’s make this Waste and Recycling Workers Week one to remember!

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