Trash Cart Cleaning Systems | Allegan, Michigan

Equipment Type: Other

Company: Trash Bin Cleaners Direct LLC (Mfg)
Contact: Dan Swede at (616) 250-4039

Trash Bin Cleaners Direct manufactures the world’s fastest and only trash bin cleaning systems equipped with an EPA-approved wastewater recycling and filtration system that eliminates the need to dump your wastewater multiple times daily! Our exclusive system repeatedly recycles and reuses the highly filtered and odorless wastewater, ultimately evaporating the liquid industrial waste byproduct. The alternative is paying to dump your wastewater.
What exclusive benefits & results can you expect from the world's most advanced trash bin cleaning systems?
 Our client cleaned 500 extremely filthy trash bins at a waste facility in one 8-hour day.
 TBCD’s EPA-approved filtration and recycling system triples the number of trash cans cleaned daily while burning off up to 90% of the wastewater.
 Recycles & Filters Wastewater Down to 5 Microns filtering Out Dirt, Kitty Litter, Cooking Oils & Phosphates. (triple the number of trash bins cleaned in a day).
 Follow-Up Trash Bins Cleanings Take as Little as 5-8 Seconds! (These are called maintenance trash bin cleanings).
 Clean never been cleaned filthy trash cans in an average of 30 seconds; that’s six times faster than any other cleaning system.
 Diamond truck and trailer packages give you up to 800 gallons of wash water per initial tank!
 We do not use the highly illegal practice of transporting hundreds of gallons of hazardous wastewater in an open-top wastewater tank (hopper).
 We include a 180-page Marketing Assistance Program (M.A.P.) with purchase.
 We include a 12 V Chemical Sanitizer sprayer & 500 gallons of E.P.A. approved sanitizer disinfectant deodorant rated to kill covid.
 Our system recovers 12 GPM. of wastewater Up To 100' Away from the Vehicle! (A must-have for cleaning dumpsters, dumpster pads, and pressure cleaning contracts with a retailer like Walmart & gas stations)
 Pressure Cleans Most Driveways in under 10 Minutes. (See amazing video demos below)
 We only build street-legal vehicles. We do not exceed a truck or trailer's maximum gross vehicle weight rating (G.V.W.R). Learn more; it could save your life. (See cargo weight warning attached)