Trash Collector, Dennis Crouch Is A Hero

MOLINE, Ill. (WQAD/CNN Newsource/WKRC) — Doikel Gning wanted to meet the man that he owes so many thanks.

“I came to say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I would never be able to express in these words how I really feel,” said Gning upon meeting Dennis Crouch.

Their story takes place in late September. It was a normal day for Crouch, a garbage collector for the city of Moline. Driving down the alley for a pickup he noticed an envelope on the ground.

“I also realized there was a whole lot of cash inside the envelope,” said Crouch.

It was $2,000. Crouch drove around the block looking for the owner. But no one was around. He took the money to his supervisor, who then reported the money to the police.

“If I was to keep that money that would be against every core value that I live by,” said Crouch. “And I knew that was not an option so it never crossed my mind.”

Gning had dropped the cash without knowing. He didn’t realize it was gone until the next day.

“I kept looking in my car and my apartment in my house and then I realized ‘wow’,’ said Gning. “I looked everywhere I could have think of so I’m like ‘okay, you know the next day let’s just go to the police.'”

When he went to the police station, he`d learned it had already been turned in.

And it’s the action from a complete stranger that has restored Gning’s faith in humanity.

“We’re living in a very hard times right now where everybody’s hurting but we still have out there good people.”

Photo and video courtesy WQAD/CNN Newsource

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