A Trash Man Hero

Superheroes are not born, they are made.

This is true because it doesn’t take much to make a difference in this life. In all humanly aspects, you don’t even have to own a “title” or have a certain ranking or ability to become “someone”.

As humans we are all equals who have dignity and rights. And we certainly deserve respect and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

This good reminder was pointed out by a humble being who calls himself “Trash Man”, and shared a thought-provoking posting on Facebook.

“I found old photos. Back then in Japan, when we were free, we would work as garbage collectors.

“For a day’s work we’ll earn 10,000yen = RM400 (at that time).

“We had fun. When we passed by a kindergarten, the teacher would call all the students out to cheer us on and give us a round of applause.

“Imagine cute little kids shouting “Gambatte kudasaaaiii!”,” which is an expression used to give encouragement for someone to do their best.

The proud ex-garbage collector said that simple gesture made him feel like a “hero”.

“Hero Sampah je la (But merely a trash hero),” he chuckled.

However, in contrast, trash hero lamented how he is enraged to see irresponsible citizens dirtying the country, scattering trash and littering cigarette buds everywhere here.

“It makes me fuming with anger seeing people scattering trash and cigarette buds.

“If you’re not able to contribute anything for your religion, stop being a follower who taints it with dirt,” Trash Man pointed out.

Well, as people are all busy raving about Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Superman or Batman, the true hero we should all look up to really is Trash Man.

Why? Besides respecting people, let’s not forget to respect our environment. That way, we will all be deserving enough to be called “superheroes”.