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Truck / Vehicle

Arizona Sanitation Services has been providing top of the line sanitation services for over 28 years. We service both the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, specializing in residential garbage collection and recycling. We are proud of our well maintained fleet of trucks as well as our professional drivers and staff. We truly feel that we set the standard for the industry in Arizona and the Southwest. We take it upon ourselves to stay current with the latest developments in sanitation and apply them wherever possible in order to improve the efficiency of our operation. Arizona is an amazingly beautiful place and we aim to keep it that way, which is why we are always looking to improve the ways that we do things.

Arizona Sanitation Services is one of the fastest growing residential garbage companies in the state and we feel that that is in part due to the high quality level and timeliness of our drivers, well maintained trucks that are very reliable and our exceptional custo

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