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Truck / Vehicle

CWS provides recycling, waste management and materials brokering services to public and private sector clients worldwide.
Shortly after arriving here from Vietnam in 1981, the Duong family started CWS’ predecessor, Cogido Recycling, which was sold to a national solid waste company in 1990.
In 1992 CWS earned a contract to collect and process recyclables in the City of Oakland and since winning that first contract, CWS has grown into an international force in the industry.
CWS began processing the majority of residential recyclable material for the City of San Jose in 2000 and in 2006, San Jose selected CWS to both collect and process those materials.
CWS operates recycling plants in Oakland and one in San Jose as well as support facilities for its truck fleet and collections operations.
The company’s highly qualified staff includes professionals with local and international waste management experience.
In addition to materials collections and processing, CWS brokers recycle mater

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