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Heil continues to set the standard for front loaders with the evolution of innovative new features that enhance functionality. Our patented Shur-Lock™ tailgate locks, double-walled and lapped hopper sides, and an industry-leading interlaced ladder subfloor foundation mean that your Half/Pack front loader is built for a long, reliable lifespan.

But Heil is not simply known for engineering and manufacturing outstanding refuse collection vehicles. We back all Heil trucks with a worldwide network of knowledgeable dealers and service centers, as well as the industry’s first dedicated manufacturer-based training facility and mobile training centers, to help you keep your equipment operating at its peak. Add to that Heil’s century-old heritage of commitment to customer satisfaction, and you can feel certain that, when you choose a Half/Pack, you are getting the most productive, durable, safe, and easy to maintain front loader available.

Some Additional Product Features:

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