Your Waitress is a Sanitation Worker Too

Have you ever stopped to think of everything a server does for you? Not only do they take your order, refill your drinks, replace the silverware your tempered toddler throws because he decides it looks better on the floor, they do all this while juggling a tray of food.

Even more amazing is that they also a garbage worker. What happens after you place your order, enjoy your meal and lively conversations when you go out to a restaurant? Mostly likely you pay your bill and continue on with your day. For waitresses, that is only a portion of their job. After you leave, their second job begins. Did you ever think of them as garbage men and women, probably not. After you finish your meal, they take your plates, and dispose of what is left behind. As a matter of fact, restaurant food waste is now the top material thrown into incinerators and landfills. It is usually thought to be thankless part of their job but think about. The next time you go out to eat, no matter if it is the fancy five star steak house or the local hole in wall barbecue place that serves the best ribs in town, just stop and think…your waitress or waiter is more than a server, they are garbageman too.

Removing Dishes and Trash

Most waiters empty leftover food in trash cans and take dirty plates and glasses to the dishwashers. You may be required to separate utensils, plates and glasses for dishwashers and stack your bus pans. If bussers are busy, you may also remove trash bags from bins and throw them in outside trash containers.


 Don’t Play With Your Trash

From Reddit user Captain_Kuhl: “As a former dishwasher: please don’t put your straw wrappers in your cups. It only makes a bigger mess.”

From Reddit user alexkria: “I’ve had to pull pennies, crayons/crayon wrappers, straw wrappers, napkins, you name it out of cups. It’s frustrating! Do they think that we dump the leftover drink/ice in the garbage or something? No! It goes down the sink!”