Washington, DC Waste and Recycling Workers Week Proclamation


Waste and Recycling Workers Week

June 12-19, 2022

WHEREAS, on June 17, 2012, the second-generation Arwood Site Services owner John Arwood Founded National Garbage Man Day, which became Waste and Recycling Workers Week in 2020; and

WHEREAS, there is a direct correlation between the eradication of many diseases in the Western World and improved public sanitation standards resulting from effective garbage disposal; and

WHEREAS, the proper collection and disposal of waste and recyclables is vital to preventing disease and pollution of our soil, water, and air; and

WHEREAS, the men and women employed by local refuse collection and hauling companies make significant contributions to the safety, health, and welfare of residents of the District of Columbia and beyond; and

WHEREAS, District residents value and celebrate our local sanitation industry employees for their commitment to our residents, businesses, and communities, and for keeping our neighborhoods and streets safe and clean:

NOW THEREFORE, I, THE MAYOR OF WASHINGTON, DC do hereby proclaim the June 12-19, 2022 as “Waste and Recycling Workers Week” in the Washington, DC.

Muriel Bowser