Waste Company Phone Attendants are Sanitation Workers Too

Call Center Workers are Sanitation Workers Too

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Nearly every business across the United States has a call center facility.  From big name companies that have dedicated buildings that house their customer service call centers to banks that have multiple departments with dedicated call centers, nearly every type of industry has some form of technical support and shared services. Thousands of people are employed in this industry and those thousands of people are also key recyclers and garbage men. Companies have started to go greener and be more conscious of their uses around the offices. Many big name companies have now moved to using primarily digital records instead of hard copies.

While some business still keep paper records, those who have moved away from pen and paper are finding that their productivity going up and a reduction in errors and costs. Those who work in call centers are playing an active role as garbage men and recycle champions. These kings and queens of multitasking help run a clean, efficient, and dynamically operating facility. One email at a time they are helping to improve the world around them. No more running out of ink at the office allows agents in call centers to focus more on their customers and clients as opposed to searching for where they may have put the contact information for the person they were supposed to call back the next day. Paper-free is the way to be; the call center staff members are leading the way into the digital records world. So the next time you call in to rent a dumpster for your spring cleaning project or to set up online banking, rest assured that the person on the other end is helping to shape the future by being resourceful and proactively maintaining an eco-friendly business.