Waste Connections Team, today we had a Hero join us for our son’s 5th Birthday

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Driver Richard Hernandez with your McKinney, Texas location.

Our son Henry is “special needs”, having a severe neurological and speech disorder. He doesn’t have many friends at all, as he’s in intensive therapy most of the week. We worried that today on his birthday, very few people would show up and his heart wouldbe broken. By way of background, Henry’s week and his greatest joy revolves around Garbage truck day which is Wednesdays, and seeing his “best friend” Richard, coming to drive by and say hello. Well–today, on his birthday, Robert made a truly Heroic act of compassion and kindness, and took time away from his family to come drive “his” truck to our house, to surprise Henry. The pure joy and delight on our son’s face was priceless–and is something that we will always carry with us. Richard carries himself with pride in his work, a depth of professionalism that is rare in ANY industry, and a deep sense of compassion for his community and the families he “serves”.

Today, Richard was a Hero. There are no other words to describe him. Please share this note with Waste Connections leadership so that he can be properly recognized.”

Thank you very much, Ian and Elisabeth Au Yeung. McKinney Texas.