Waste Disposal Company Gives Nonprofits Trash Bags Full of Money

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to James Mitchener, Marketing Manager at Waste Industries, about the Full Circle Project, a customer-driven fundraiser that to-date has donated nearly $1 million to charities in nine need areas.

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On show, Megan, James and I discuss:

James Mitchner, Waste Industries

  • How did Waste Industries educate customers about the program? It took some time to engage customers and convince them that Waste Industries wasn’t adding the donation to their bill!
  • Focus of the program is on local charities. Waste Industries has identified charities within nine need areas (e. g. cancer, animal rescue, veterans, etc.).
  • Waste Industries works with local nonprofits to communicate the success of the program. They’ll even prepare media releases for the nonprofit to send out.
  • How the waste industry is learning from Waste Industries on how to create win-win cause marketing programs.
  • What has surprised James and his team most about the Full Circle Project?
  • How does Waste Industries choose the charities? What’s the criteria?
  • The impact of the program has been intergenerational. Millennials, Baby Boomers and everyone in between love the program