Waste Industries Cares

Charity and Nonprofit Donations

The Full Circle Project is a way for us at Waste Industries to change the way we handle our charitable giving efforts. We have always believed that giving back to the communities we serve is essential to building a better place for everyone to live. Since our founding, charitable giving has been at the core of our giving back mission. We picked charities that we thought would benefit the communities we serviced best, and we distributed accordingly.

Thanks to the open nature of the internet, though, we realized that there was an even better way to do this. With our mission being to improve the lives of our customers well beyond just picking up their waste, it became clear that it’s our customers who should be making the decision on how we distribute our funds.

And with that simple revelation, the Full Circle Project was born.

To make it as easy as possible for our customers to contribute, we set only one rule for entry; all you need to do in order to participate is to be enrolled in e-billing. From there, we broke down our charitable giving efforts into eight fundamental categories that would allow customers to support a group of charities that mean the most to them.