Waste Industries Clarksville, Tennessee Driver Saves Life

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – (CLARKSVILLENOW) A Clarksville woman, Kelly Plummer, along with her family, were at the Clarksville Police Department Monday to thank the people who helped rescue her when she collapsed June 5 on Sandpiper Drive after she quit breathing. Plummer was passed out in the middle of the street when she was discovered by Ray Davidson, a driver for Waste Industries.

Plummer said she really doesn’t remember much about what happened. She said she had spoken to her daughter-in-law earlier in the day and was taking her dogs for a walk. She added she doesn’t even remember leaving the house. Plummer has asthma and had been on medication for a chest cold when she collapsed in the street.

Davidson talked about his part in the emergency. “I saved a life. I was doing my regular trash route, turned on the street and seen Kelly laying in the road. I called 911 and listened to the dispatch lady and performed CPR until help arrived,” said Davidson.

Plummer became emotional as she shared her feelings on being able to thank those who helped save her. “I don’t even know that i can process it. I’m just so blessed and thrilled that they were there and everything came together, that they were there to help,” she said.