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Waste Pro Ocala Division 

A driving force at Waste Pro has always been to build a business that can easily adjust to change. Our history reflects our long-standing commitment to remaining flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers, communities, and environments. Our experience and longevity has allowed us to meet the high demands of a competitive industry and continue to offer superior service. 

An innovative idea triggered the success story of Waste Pro: to offer personal customer service with the highest degree of professionalism and environmental responsibility. When John Jennings started his first waste collection company in 1973, he did so with the understanding that the customer pays the wages—not the employer. This simple idea led to dramatic growth, gaining large contracts throughout Florida and adding municipal consulting and sales to the company portfolio. By 1992, the company was renamed Jennings Environmental Services, Inc., to reflect the widespread expansion and range of services offered.

In 1996, Jennings Environmental Services, Inc., joined forces with USA Waste Services, Inc., and Jennings directly managed the corporate activities of the Florida and Caribbean region. His senior management team, composed of prominent industry experts Bob Hyres, Fred Wood, and Dave Danford, propelled the company into new markets. In 1998, the company acquired Waste Management, Inc., and the collective corporation became known as Waste Management.    

As the corporation grew, members of the Jennings management team noticed a detachment from local communities and the people they served. They wanted to offer personal service, face-to-face contact with customers and employees, and use predominantly locally-sourced vendors. It is under this mission that Waste Pro emerged in 2001. Led by Jennings and his experienced team of waste management professionals, Waste Pro ushered in a new standard of disposal and recycling services. Our dedication to the people we served and the neighborhoods we lived in caused our company to grow to unprecedented heights. 

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