Waste & Recycling News Recognizes Waste and Recycling Workers Week This June 17th!

Waste & Recycling News Recognizes Waste and Recycling Workers Week This June 17th!



June 17 is Waste and Recycling Workers Week, at least if John D. Arwood gets his way. The CEO of Jacksonville-Fla.-based Arwood Waste last week launched a website and Facebook page promoting a day to “[raise] awareness for our garbage men and women that make our cities and homes livable.”

“The idea was simple,” Arwood said in an email to Waste & Recycling News. “I truly believe the garbage men and women deserve the be recognized.”

Why the 17th of June?

“The Month of June really only has one recognized day,” he said, “Father’s Day.”

It’s also Arwood’s birthday.

“I envision this day to grow not just nationally, but to expand globally,” Arwood added.

On the site, Arwood “invites the nation to celebrate trash collectors, dumpster haulers, sewage workers, street cleaners and just about anyone who does the dirty jobs that we would rather not do ourselves. … Whether it’s the people who empty your fast food grease traps or deliver your port-a-potties, these are the people who make our lives smell better.”

He also offers tips on how to celebrate the day:

* Offer trash workers a treat, plate of cookies or a cold bottle of water.

* Meet your workers at the curb and help them with a load. “A little kindness goes a long way to show we are aware of their efforts.”

* A thank you call. “It’s easy to complain when things are not done right. Consider calling your local provider with a word of thanks and appreciation for all the weeks they do their job well.”

* Recycle more. “Let’s take some ownership for our garbage contributions. Consider ways you can reduce, recycle and reuse the things being thrown in the garbage from your own home.”

* A T-shirt.

Arwood approached Hallmark and said the greeting care giant was receptive.

“They loved my idea and are going to run a test market on cards.”




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