WCA Waste driver makes young mans dream a reality

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“For the past year, our WCA driver, Damian, has been coming every Thursday morning and my son, now 2.5 year loves garbage trucks! We also rush out to make sure we see him do our little street corner and he’s made it a point, ever since I can remember, to make sure he takes a couple extra minutes in front of our house to let him watch the truck arm move and honk the horn. It seems like something so small, but I know a couple minutes can really put someone behind and it means such a great deal to my toddler! It’s what he looks forward to every Thursday morning! This morning we were running a little behind and aren’t feeling well, we got out just in time to see Damian do the house after ours. But then to my surprise, he saw us watching from the door in his mirror and reversed the truck! He offered to let my toddler sit in the seat for a moment and pretend to drive and honk. I’ve never seen such excitement on my sons face and it really made his day a million times better. I just really want this gentleman to get some recognition as an employee for always taking the time out of his day to make sure that my 2-year-old gets to see the truck in action and making Thursday mornings that much better!”