William Edward Beresovoy – Developed A New Innovative Way In Helping Small Haulers Grow Their Business


William Edward Beresovoy – Developed A New Innovative Way In Helping Small Haulers Grow Their Business

William Edward Beresovoy has worked in the waste management business almost since his birth in 1955. His father, John, owned a trash business and as a child, Bill worked in the business. When he was 18, he purchased his own shovel and a pickup truck to which he added plywood sides and, along with his brother, Robert, started his own company. Over the next 15 years, the brothers purchased an additional six local trash companies and employed 22 people. That wasn’t enough for the entrepreneurial brothers, however. They also opened an automobile and truck repair shop, servicing approximately 100 vehicles each month.

In 1988, Waste Management, the largest trash service in the U.S., purchased Bill’s trash business. The brothers made the decision to sell the auto center, as well. Bill stayed with Waste Management, and over a 20 year period, he worked his way up to the national level with the company. He ran the Construction Vertical on the East Coast, handling the dumpsters for small and large construction companies, like NVR Homes and Skanska.

Bill made the decision to leave Waste Management so he might use his knowledge to help small and midsize haulers. This decision led to the creation of RentADumpster.com, a company that allowed these smaller haulers to compete on a more level playing field with larger companies.

RentADumpster.com has become a nationally recognized name that has united haulers from across the country. They handle all advertising and promotion for haulers, which allows the haulers to concentrate on building their trash businesses. In addition to managing the branding of the RentADumpser.com name, they also monitor every call for their clients. This customer assurance program ensures that calls are answered in a timely manner, that correct information is provided and asking for the sale when appropriate. This service also helps to ensure that issues are resolved promptly. In addition, they consult on the IT side of their client’s business. This involves building or rebuilding web sites for optimum results. On their top service level, they manage all areas of SEO, SEM, PPC, web design, and web site construction.

A unique feature offered by RentADumpster.com is monthly reporting to their clients of which areas calls were received and the keywords used to get to the site.

They constantly fine tune the back end of their client’s web site, making sure it is getting top quality scores from Google. This is important, because the higher the score, the lower the advertising costs. Unfortunately, many companies have no idea what their scores might be. So, RentADumpster.com monitors this for their clients. They can look at any area of the country to see what words people are entering in searching for dumpster services. They, then, incorporate those words into their client’s web sites, so they are easily found by Google, which gives them a good score, which results in more business.


CEO of RentADumpster.com


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RentADumpster.com working with Waste Companies nation wide.
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Waste Management

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