World Space Week 2018 | What Better Way to Unite?

World Space Week 2018 - October 4 - 10 |

Happy World Space Week

October 4th-10th is the official UN declared World Space Week which is recognized annually. This year’s theme is “Space Unites the World”. The week is dedicated to celebrating the role of space in unifying our world. An international event that includes space-related activities sponsored by various agencies including space agencies, aerospace companies, schools, planetariums, and museums. Waste and Recycling Workers Week wants to remind you that garbage collection is not just an earthly problem!

Space Waste Solutions

In a joint initiative, Waste and Recycling Workers Week has teamed up with Space Waste Solutions to work toward finding new ways to clean up our galaxy. As our space programs expand, the waste created becomes a bigger problem. We need to take action to prevent further issues that this situation may create.

Why is Space Waste a Concern?

More than 95% of what is orbiting in space, is space junk: out-of-control space stations, used rocket parts, dead satellites, lost astronaut tools and more. In 2017, it was estimated there were 14,000 old rocket parts and pieces of space junk wandering around in the atmosphere. This type of space pollution could soon easily collide with satellites and other spacecraft. The debris can also pose a risk to other orbiting systems.

Solutions for Space Waste

As World Space Week kicks off, we should all be looking for new and innovative ways to prevent space waste while continuing our efforts to get the existing mess cleaned up! One exciting new invention is the Solar Space Waste Incineration System. This amazing technology is a unique step forward for this growing problem.

Events & Resources

Join Waste and Recycling Workers Week as we celebrate World Space Week by finding an event near you! Also, take a look at these great resources for educators and parents to make your student or child more aware of space waste issues.

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