Yellow Iron of America Introduces the LiuGong 856H-E MAX Electric Wheel Loader

Welcome to the Waste & Recycling Workers Week website! We’re excited to announce that Yellow Iron of America now offers the only proven all-electric wheel loader on the market – the LiuGong 856H-E MAX. This cutting-edge, eco-friendly front end loader is perfect for various applications, including waste transfer stations, concrete crushing yards, and scrap recycling processing centers.

The LiuGong 856H-E MAX is powered by a 432-kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery, which provides up to 10 hours of working time for light applications and 8 hours for heavy applications. Its intelligent controls and human-centric design ensure maximum efficiency and operator comfort. The machine is also equipped with an Intelligent Battery Management System, allowing for a rapid 90-minute charging capability, minimizing downtime.

Key features of the 856H-E MAX include:

  • Advanced climate control system with eight all-round vents, five selection modes, and 6 kW of cooling capacity
  • IP67-rated wiring harness and waterproof integrated battery package for durability in harsh conditions
  • Zero fuel consumption, zero emissions, and significantly reduced noise and vibrations
  • A 432-kWh large capacity lithium-ion phosphate battery from CATL
  • Intelligent controls and a human-centric design for optimal operator experience

Interested in learning more about the LiuGong 856H-E MAX electric wheel loader and the available federal incentives? Contact Yellow Iron of America today! Our expert team is ready to help you make the switch to electric and keep you moving forward.

Contact Information: Yellow Iron of America LLC 10439-1 Alta Drive Jacksonville, FL 32226 Phone: ‭904-661-1176