Change Makers

Companies that Make a Difference

We are excited to announce the Waste & Recycling Workers Week - Change Makers! Here we celebrate the companies, large and small, making a difference and providing an excellent service at the local level. These waste management providers, serving our communities day in and day out, deserve to be recognized and thanked for their contribution to keeping our world clean.

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Don Williamson – NSWMA

Don Williamson  Don Williamson started his waste industry career in 1979 helping a friend collect waste on Saturdays while in college. Soon after, he became President of the company building it from 50 customers to more than 40,000 customers and 50 trucks. He has been a leader in the waste industry showing small hauling companies … Read more

Bill Wilkerson – Chair of WASTEC

Bill Wilkerson  Bill Wilkerson has made significant contributions toward the development of the solid waste industry’s first solar compactor and is a leading expert in the application and calculation of return on investment of compactors and balers. His experience as a high school football coach for 10 years before working for Marathon Equipment Co. provided … Read more

Art Kazarian – Mottra Corp.

Art Kazarian In the 1940s, at the age of six, Art Kazarian entered the family recycling business rolling over-issue newsprint for sale to flower shops. By the 1960s, he was collecting and selling fiber to paper mills and by the 1980s, he had built wastepaper recycling operations in California, Texas, Hawaii, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and … Read more

Gary Hater – Waste Management

Gary Hater A recurring theme in Gary Hater’s career is a unique ability to acquire knowledge from a wide variety of fields, bring that knowledge into the waste industry, and create full-scale applications that protect the environment, are innovative, and make good business sense. He has ten patents ranging from biodegradation systems, treatment methods for … Read more

Joseph Garbarino – Marin Sanitary Service

Joseph Garbarino Joseph Garbarino has dedicated an incredible 65 years to the waste and recycling industry. Today he is Chairman of the Board and Co-Owner of Marin Sanitary Service in San Rafael, California, but Joseph has wielded a heavy hand in helping shape the face of the modern waste industry. He is credited with developing … Read more

Izzie Abrams – NSWMA Haulers Association

Izzie Abrams Izzie Abrams, has held numerous positions in the waste industry since 1972 in both the United States and Canada, including Canadian Waste Services, Dual Removal Systems, and Triwaste Services, which whom was the founder and President of. Izzie has been involved in industry organizations throughout his entire career, including the National Solid Wastes … Read more

Tom Brown – Dallas Flow Control Task Force

Tom Brown Tom Brown’s 35-year career in the waste and recycling industry began at Waste Management. Steadily rising the ladder at WM, Tom climbed to Regional President of the Western Carolinas and East Tennessee regions before joining IESI in 1997 and supervising its growth into the third largest solid waste company in North America. Tom continued to … Read more

John M. Curotto – The Curotto Can Company

John M. Curotto With 31 years in service to the waste industry, John Curotto is now president of The Curotto Can Company in Sonoma, California. As a fourth-generation waste hauler now leading his family business John will tell you it’s easy to get sidetracked on neat engineering, or employee engagement—or any of the myriad distractions … Read more

Bruce Ranck – “Integrity” “Pioneer” and “People”

Bruce Ranck  The history of the waste and recycling industry over the past 40-plus years could have been much different without Bruce Ranck’s vision and leadership. He started in the business in college, and over a career that has spanned more than 45 years and ultimately led to being Chief Executive Officer of BFI. Bruce … Read more

Garry E. Mosier – Republic Services, Inc.

Garry E. Mosier For decades, Garry Mosier has pioneered and advanced safety in our industry. Whether he is serving on national standards and steering committees in his work at continuous improvement of safety systems and technologies, or building world-class safety programs and cultures at leading waste companies, his focus on continuous improvement is legendary. Many … Read more