Breast Cancer Awareness – The Waste Industry Goes Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…Kudos to the Waste Management Industry for spreading the word According to the American Cancer Society, in 2013 approximately 39,620 women were expected to die from Breast Cancer. Treatment for this terrible disease is most effective when discovered early through regular screenings which makes public reminders to schedule screenings so important. … Read more

This Day In 1492…

Happy Columbus Day! In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue He kept all of his nautical trash in a can So you could someday thank your garbage man Well…that might not be exactly how the real poem went but we like to think it was something like that. Wherever you are today, may you … Read more

Autumn Is Here! 3 Ways to Change with the Season

Autumn is here and it’s a time of change. Whether you’re in a part of the country that’s sunny and warm year-round or a place where you experience the beautiful leaf colors that Autumn brings, change is in the air. The idea of “Spring Cleaning” doesn’t have to be just for Spring! Use this opportunity of … Read more

Celebrate Summer!

How are you celebrating Summer this year? Take a load off, lay back, and relax! Your garbage workers will make sure all is cleaned up. When you’re refreshed and ready to go, remember to thank your sanitation workers for always being there and being willing to pick up the mess. Looking for creative ways to … Read more

Thanks for Your Support!

WOW! We can’t say thank you enough for your support! From Texas to Tennessee, DC to Denver – all over the country there were men and women honoring and thanking our sanitation workers during the week of June 17th with notes, baked goods, and more!  All of this is to show just how much garbage workers are … Read more

Waste and Recycling Workers Week in the News!

The week of celebrating Waste and Recycling Workers Week was another huge success this year thanks to all of you who showed your support and appreciation for the men and women who keep us and our environment safe and clean. This year we saw another groundswell of recognition by local governments and coverage from news … Read more

Let the week of celebration begin…Waste and Recycling Workers Week 2014 is here!

All year the men and women of the waste management industry are hard at work collecting, processing, filtering, and recycling over 250 million tons of garbage to keep our environment safe and clean. The week of June 17th is the time for us to come together to collectively show our appreciation. Why do we celebrate … Read more

It’s almost here! – Waste & Recycling Workers Week – Week of June 17th

The week of celebrating Waste and Recycling Workers Week is only one month away! Celebrate the week of June 17th Show some appreciation to your Garbage Workers for all they do! Show your love and Buy the Tshirt Help us spread the word about the week of June 17th celebrating Waste & Recycling Workers Week Visit the Garbage … Read more

Garbage Man Proves Al Gore Wrong: Global Warming Or Global Cooling?

Garbage Man Proves Al Gore Wrong: Global Warming Or Global Cooling? It is now several months into 2014 and what has become of the North Pole? Surely it is all slush and water by now, right? According to John D. Arwood, President of Arwood Waste, “Not only is there still ice at the North Pole … Read more

Celebrate a Small Business Owner!

March 29th was National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day! Are you a small business owner? We celebrate and applaud you for your hard work and dedication! We get what you do and support you. Show your support to a Mom and Pop Business owner by shopping local. Keep the person in personal by using … Read more